angelica. eyes like the 2am train. disappear. strawberry flavored throw up. violent. babydoll. opiate tongue. ashtrays. shoot & kill. queen of the gas station. baby star. empty parking lots. not entirely here.



— 02.14.20 @ 11:59pm *its only valentines day for 1 more minute :(

— 02.14.20 @ 9:15pm *shoot me rn

— 02.08.20 @ 3:57am *never did update with that rock collection.

— 02.03.20 @ 11:52pm *gonna update with a rock collection soon :)

— 01.31.20 @ 11:56am *yeah i deleted the updates box and just opted for a 'last updated' thing, also i dont want this to turn into an updates box lmaoo promise this is the last one.

— 01.30.20 @ 8:42pm *update on the mcdonalds im getting it this weekend its confirmed :)

— 01.30.20 @ 1:28pm *how the hell do people make their buttons not look ugly. anyway working on mine but it might be a while.

— 01.30.20 @ 1:21pm *i dont hate my website finally. i did for a while because i had a lot of ideas i wasnt good enough to add lmao but here we are :) i might delete the 'updates' box because its basically useless since im always doing small updates and then forget to write it in the box :(

— 01.30.20 @ 1:14pm *okay i may be getting mcdonalds this weekend. also last night i fell down a rabbit hole of old geocities..memorials?? like i just kept clicking gifs and it kept taking me to old geocities websites that people made in memory?? didnt know people used to do that.

— 01.29.20 @ 8:37pm *FUCK i want mcdonalds