go back

when i was little i remember thinking that i should stop talking because no one cared. a few days ago i read something somewhere that said to try and be the person you needed as a child. im still thinking about what that means to me. i have always been surrounded and filled with anger. i dont want it anymore but i dont know how to get rid of it. i just cant let things go. i am constantly thinking about everything bad that has ever happened to me. how can i make it stop? i just want to move on. i dont know if its normal to feel like i am still a child. i am almost an adult. I keep thinking about this one person, though. not trying to be mean but i dont even like them that much. i want to stop thinking about them. they have clearly moved on and im still stuck. thats always been the case. im almost positive they wouldnt be happy to hear from me. whats even the point in talking to them. i treated them very bad. i didnt mean to but intentions rarely matter. why am i always stuck.